3 Months FREE Sex Insurance Cover!!

No matter how carefully you prepare, you might not pull on the night.

Maybe nobody showed up, or the ones that did took off with another guy?

This can happen when you least expect it, and it can turn your whole world upside down.

What if you suddenly found yourself without intercourse? How would you manage? Have you thought about it? Why?

What Sex Insurance will cover

  • Last minute backouts – when they reveal they aren't really single.

  • Danger close - including the classics “he's on his way” and “it's ripped

  • Extra drinking costs – how much money you blew chatting them up all night

  • Grooming costs – products you bought knowing they'd be out and you wanted to look your best, but they didn't show up

  • Whoring costs – including taxis there and back

  • Worldwide cover


  • Cover is available to all UK residents aged from 18 to 65

  • No medical is required and there are no forms to fill

  • A flexible policy without the hassle of annual renewal

  • Free Pen

  • Payment is simple – a monthly premium paid via direct debit , with no interest whatsoever